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AXSEM is a leading fabless semiconductor company.

We are active in the areas of RF ICs, RF Microcontrollers and LCD Drivers.

Our ICs offer the unique combination of excellent RF performance, minimal power consumption and high flexibility.

We enable high volume OEM products in a large variety of applications.


Products Overview:

Product Matrix Flyer (pdf)


Sub-1-GHz Radios Presentation:

AXSEM SoC: The Sub-1-GHz Lowest-Power-Radio Platform for the Internet of Things (pdf)


Featured: AX-Sigfox Modules

AX5243 our new lowest power radio for the internet of things.


AX-Sigfox Modules (actual product comes with a metal shielding cap).

  • Sigfox up and down link functionality
  • Two flavours: with chip antenna or with 50 Ohm antenna port
  • Easy to use
  • Ultra-low power with long range

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Sigfox is a registered trademarks of Sigfox SARL.


Featured: AX5243 tiny lowest power radio for the internet of things

AX5243 our new lowest power radio for the internet of things.

AX5243 is our new lowest power radio for the internet of things.

  • Tiny 4 x 4 mm2 footprint
  • Great performance 1-2 dB improvement in RX and TX compared to AX5043
  • 10 mA at 1.8 V RX power consumption with -127 dBm sensitivity at 1.2 kbps
  • Attractive pricing

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Featured: AXSEM Radio performance over supply voltage

AXSEM Radios have constant RF output power over the whole supply voltage range.

No link budget degradation over battery life!


All AXSEM Radios and RF-microcontrollers have constant RF output power over the specified supply voltage range. For our lowest-power radio AX5043 and our lowest-power RF-microcontroller AX8052F143 the specified voltage range is 1.8 V to 3.6 V. As receive performance is also constant over supply voltage, the achievable link budget does not depend on the supply voltage.


Battery life is maximized by this property of the devices. For applications using a constant voltage supply, a DC/DC converter to 1.8 V roughly halves the power consumption at no performance loss.


Featured: Debugging IAR compiled code with AXCode::Blocks

AX8052-IDE, AXCode::Blocks, AXSDB, AXRadio API, AX-RadioLab with IAR or SDCC Compiler: An awesome development tool suite.


Version 1.11 of the AX8052-IDE now fully supports the latest version (10) of IAR's advanced debugging file format, UBROF (.ubr).

Richer statement information greatly speeds up source level stepping. Accurate variable tracking information allows examining and changing any variable, even automatic variables that are kept in registers and that change their location. Call frame information allows reliable call stack display.

For more information, see the Advanced Debugging using IAR page.

To download the AXSEM development tool suite go here...


Featured: AX8052F143 for IoT or M2M

ax8052f143 - A complete IoT or M2M node in just 5 x 7 mm^2


The RF-microcontroller AX8052F143 can output 0 dBm with the record breaking low current consumption of 8 mA at 1.8 V or 5 mA at 3.6 V supply voltage in the 868 MHz or 926 MHz frequency ranges. Combined with its 10 mA current consumption in receive mode the AX8052F143 is enabling technology for battery driven or energy harvesting based wireless Internet of Things (IoT) or Machine to Machine (M2M) nodes.

Fore more information see the AX8052F143 page.


Featured: AX-RadioLab

radiolab-So much smarter than just a register value configurator.


The AX-RadioLab is a GUI code generator that creates not only all register settings required for a specific AX8052F143/AX5043 or AX8052F151/AX5051 based radio link, but also a complete C code firmware stack which is compiled, down-loaded to hardware and run.

  • Create an application software which is compatible with your existing protocols in minutes
  • Have the ease of use of a module with a chip solution
  • Be totally flexible instead of forced into a given protocol structure


What can AX-RadioLab do for you?

  • AX-RadioLab creates your radio application firmware stack
  • AX-RadioLab creates test code for CW, random data or pattern
  • AX-RadioLab produces power optimized code
  • AX-RadioLab enables immediate BER and PER testing
  • AX-RadioLab can sniff the radio channel



  • AX-RadioLab supports synchronous and asynchronous protocols w/ or w/o acknowledge
  • AX-RadioLab has a GUI driven packet creation
  • AX-RadioLab creates SW stacks compatible with many existing standards and HW platforms
  • AX-RadioLab has a Software PLL to keep synchronous timing
  • AX-RadioLab uses the AXRadio API as foundation for code



  • A SW without API is like a house without foundation. AXSEM SW is built on the AXRadio API.
  • AXRadio API A clean way how your software can speak to our radios
  • AXRadio API is a library/driver for AXSEM radio chips
  • Timed code supports sleep and deep sleep
  • Multiple channels, multiple frequencies


AX-RadioLab for AX8052F143/AX5043 download and more information
AX-RadioLab for AX8052F151/AX5051 download and more information


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